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Representative Folk Ensemble “Voivodintsi”

Cultural Center Videlina

4135 Voivodinovo, Plovdiv area



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Mobile phone: +359 895 795 900

Artistic Director and Choreographer-Iliana Bozhanova

Music Director-Todor Yankov

Ensemble “Voivodintsi” is founded by Iliana and Todor in October 2004 with 30 dancers and singers. Now they are 150, organised in the groups below:

“Minzuhar”- Children Dance Group - 16 members, age 4 to 6

“Kokiche”- Children Dance Group - 28 members, age 7 to 10

“Temenugi”- Children Dance Group - 15 members, ages 11 to 15

“Iglika” - Teenage Dance Group – 18 members, age 16 to 19

“Zdravets” - Teenage Dance Group – 10 members, age 20 to 23

“Bozhur”- Adult Dance Group - 17 members, age 25 and above

“Avliga”- Female Singing Group - 11 women, age 46 and above

Recreational Dance Group – 35 women, age 17 and above

Accordionist: Todor Yankov

Kaba-gaida players: Asen Hubenov and Miho Lazarov

For major events the Ensemble invites additional musicians

All members of Ensemble Voivodintsi are amateurs, whether dancers, singers or musicians. In their daily lives they are very busy studying and working. Nevertheless, everyone finds time and energy to come to rehearsals after work or school and to practice very hard. The whole group enjoys singing, dancing and just being together. Voivodintsi is not only an ensemble - it is a “folk family,” where everyone shares, celebrates and helps one another. Some of the members are from one family-two or three generations.

The repertoire of the Ensemble is based on the authentic folk material from different folklore regions of Bulgaria. Iliana Bozhanova’s role is to find and teach interesting songs, dances and rituals that are suited to the abilities of the group’s members, and to enable them to present the folklore to the best of their abilities, as well as enjoy themselves.

The Ensemble has 20 different sets of folk costumes. Most of the costumes were made by Iliana Bozhanova, her mother Vasilka Manolova and the women-dancers, singers and the mothers of the kids. Ensemble members work together whenever possible to refresh and repair the costumes themselves.

About Voivodinovo

The village of Voivodinovo is situated on the Thracian lowlands 5 km. north of Plovdiv (the second largest city in Bulgaria). It is part of the municipality of ”Maritsa” in the Plovdiv region. Voivodinovo has about 2,000 residents, who mostly work in the many small, light industrial companies in the village or in Plovdiv. Besides that, the fertile soil of the valley determines the life of the village- many people are involved with agriculture, especially in the production of fruit and vegetables.

Because the big city is nearby and accessible, the young people feel satisfied to remain in the village – they enjoy the best of both worlds. This is very important for the future and the prosperity of Voivodinovo.

Big events and participation in:

-   “Welcome concerts and dinners” for 19 groups from Europe, Asia and America – visiting Ensemble “Voivodintsi”and Bulgaria;

-   Trakya 2008 – International Folk Project, led by Yves Moreau and Hironobu Senzaki – 12,13 July 2008.Concert for 100 guests from all over the World;

-   Folk festivals and concert tours in Switzerland, Holland, Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Macedonia and Turkey;

-   International Folk Seminar Plovdiv at the Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Art – July 2014;

-   20th International Folk Festival in Plovdov – August 2014;

-   Winner in The World Championship of Folklore – May 14, 2016;

-   CIOFF Folk Festivals in Plovdiv, Karlovo and Dimitrovgrad;

-   Folk Festivals in Aitos, Bansko, Belogradchik, Svilengrad, Gotse Delchev, “Balkan Folk”-Veliko Tarnovo, Gorna Oryahovitsa, Sandanski, Kotel, Nedelino, Arbanasi, Kameno, Dorkovo, Dren, Bolyarovo, Kostandovo, Galabovo, Zamfirovo, “Kitna Trakiya”, Stoletovo, Kalipetrovo.

-   The Ensemble performs at all the Bulgarian traditional and national celebrations in Voivodinovo and the area;

-   We keep alive the rituals “Lazaruvane” and “Koleduvane”;

News 2017

April 7
Iliana Bozhanova with Ensemble “Voivodintsi” will present the collection of authentic folk costumes of Vanya Velkova in the History Museum in Plovdiv

April 8
Saint Lazar’s day in Voivodinovo with Ensemble “Voivodintsi”

April 23
Film recordings in Folklore TV programme with Todor Yankov and Ensemble “Voivodintsi”

April 29, 30
Participation in Folk Festival “Zlatna gega” in the National Music High School in Kotel with the recreational groups “Voivodintsi”

May 2 – 10
Dance Seminar and tour in Bulgaria with “Hora Travel” from Holland and Todor Yankov

May 11 – 29
Teaching tour with Todor Yankov in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong

June 3, 4
Iliana and Todor with Ensemble “Voivodintsi” are participating the Folk Festival “Oro se vie, tsarvuli se kinat” in Parvomai village, Petrich region – Pirin folk area

June 7 to 11
Iliana and Todor with Ensemble “Voivodintsi” are participating the International Folk Festival “Atlimanska ogarlitsa” in Kiten town – on the Black Sea coast

June 24, 25
Partisipation in the Folk Festival “Rahovche” in Gorna Oryahovitsa town with Ensemble “Voivodintsi”

July 1,2
Participation in the Festival of old city songs in Chepelare town – Rhodopi mnts. with the singers from Ensemble “Voivodintsi”

July 23 – 29
Iliana is the Dance coordinator of the “Folk Seminar Plovdiv” at the Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts in Plovdiv

August 30 – September 13
Tour in Bulgaria with Todor Yankov and the group of Alexa Candrian

September 15 – 25
Teaching tour with Todor Yankov in United Kingdom

November 17 to 19
Dance weekend with Todor Yankov in Munich, Germany

December 14 to 18
Dance week in Switzerland with Todor Yankov

December 28 – January 1, 2018
Teaching with Todor Yankov at “Silvester Folk Seminar” of Petra Bergmann in Reimlingen, Germany

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